Providing personalized, compassionate, care support

We know that navigating the healthcare system and care options can be overwhelming for you and your loved ones. 

AgeWise will put your worries to rest by removing (or repaving!) those bumps in the road, and ultimately provide you and your loved ones with with peace of mind. 

Our goal is to provide you with options, information and resources to facilitate informed decision-making regarding care, home adaptations, finances and treatment options, including palliative and end-of-care, for potential risks, benefits, and available alternatives to ensure appropriate and compassionate care for you.  

Which of these questions keep you up at night and fill your thoughts with worry and fear?

  • Concerned about a recent medical diagnosis?

  • How can I get help with getting my grab bars in my home?

  • Has your medical insurance been denied?

  • Afraid to tell your kids your fell?

  • Not sure what to do after you are discharged from rehabilitation?

  • How can I get help with getting my bills reconciled?

  • Does the healthcare system leave you overwhelmed and confused?

  • Worried if your home is 'fit' for aging in place?

  • Who can help me manage my bills while I'm in rehab?

  • Need help finding options for your treatment or a second opinion?

  • How can you get help after a fall?

  • How can I avoid identity fraud?

  • Who can attend my medical appointments with me?

  • Who can help me with maintenance tasks and home repairs?

  • Who can I trust with my finances?

can help!

It's simple:


Phone us or fill out the online form. We’ll respond promptly.


Our first conversation will help us understand your needs, your care team, home adaptability needs and answer your questions, and set up a time to meet in person. 


At our meeting, we’ll take time to get to know you and your care team.  We'll find out what's working, what's not working, what's confusing and what would be ideal.  We'll discuss various care options, concerns and your immediate and long-term goals. You'll choose your preference for you and your loved ones, taking into consideration needs, current environmental state, and budget to ensure safety and independence.



Together we will create a plan with clear steps and goals to keep us on track and in tune. This will be your personalized care team plan. We are here to help you navigate the plan as much or as little as you'd like.

5 HomeRX 

 AgeWise offers home management services you can trust. This begins with a comprehensive safety assessment and recommended modifications that will reduce the potential for injuries within the home. Whether the task is simple or requires a network of dependable contractors, we will help you by checking in on loved ones, monitoring property, arranging and overseeing maintenance, and providing peace of mind knowing that we can be there when you can't. 

6  Ongoing Support 

Once care has been established, we will follow up to ensure that your expectations of the care, comfort, and safety needs of your loved one are being met. We also can help you find other resources, such as attorneys, in-home care professionals, fiduciaries, day programs, moving specialists, and more.


AgeWise will be by your side throughout the entire process.


Healthcare Navigation & Patient Advocacy

Fall Prevention, Health & Wellness

Home Safety &

Household Management

Cost of Services

Financial Management & Medical Bill Reconciliation

Long Distance Caregiving Support

AgeWise is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization​


Our mission is a holistic approach to aging in place and fall prevention; dedicated to enriching the lives of aging adults, family members and caregivers. 
Our Vision is to be the solution for those desiring to age in place by providing support, resources, advocacy, planning and fall prevention services to stay independent and live their best life while giving family members and caregivers peace of mind!
Our Values
  • Community: Proactively promoting independent living by working with families, cargivers, volunteers, funders, and other community partners to find solutions to enrich the lives of our aging community members.
  • Compassion: Enhancing quality of life and independence for older adults through a passionate commitment to service and high quality care that allows aging adults to retain their independence at home without jeopardizing health or safety.
  • Advocacy: Ensured that we listen and hear about the issues that are important to you and provide you access to information, education, resources and services. 
  • Accountability: When we begin work with you, we will ask you to tell us what services you would like most and how we can best meet your needs.
  • Empowerment: We encourage you to speak up for yourself, and to take action for yourself whenever we can.  We want to know what you think about our service and invite you to tell us.
  • Person-Centered Approach: You decide what we do on your behalf.  We want to make sure your rights and interests are protected
  • Stewardship: Maximizing the efficient use of the funds and time entrusted to us.
  • Volunteerism: Engaging volunteers in vital and meaningful roles to increase services and continued commitment to serve.

If this is a cause you can relate to and care about, would you mind helping us by making a donation that will allows us to continue to serve those at risk for falling?  


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AgeWise currently serves the community members  of Benton and Franklin Counties, WA.