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Home Safety & Household Management

Is your loved one's home prepared for them to age in place? AgeWise takes a proactive approach to home safety.  Are you like many people waiting to install grab bars until you fall?  DON'T!  Wouldn't you rather skip the painful injury, ED visit, medical costs and install them NOW to stop your fall? Let us help!  AgeWise can prepare your home to 'fit' your aging needs.  We can also help those that recently lost the ability to drive, lost a spouse, suffered an injury or is dealing with another limitation? AgeWise can support their ability to live independently by arranging  assistance for home modifications, accompaniment to doctor’s appointments, bill paying, organization, home maintenance, and engaging in social activities.

Living in Your Own Home



Almost everyone prefers to age in place - to remain living in their own home as long as possible. To remain successfully independent at home, it's best to be proactive.

This starts with making a plan for successful aging in your own home.

There are many services, products and resources that can fill the gaps created when an older adult experiences physical or cognitive problems, loses a longtime life partner, or simply wants to make life easier. Creating a plan for successful aging in place can increase the likelihood that older adults living at home will remain safe, well, and happy.

How We Can Help

If you would like an assessment to find out if your home can support your changing needs, or help creating and maintaining a plan of Support For Independent Living, the geriatric care managers at Care is There can help you and your loved ones: understand the options, choose an approach, monitor progress and suitability, and make adjustments as necessary. We visit your loved one often and stay in close contact with you throughout the process, which is especially helpful for long distance caregivers.


Next Steps

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AgeWise currently serves the community members  of Benton and Franklin Counties, WA.