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Healthcare Navigation & Patient Advocacy

If your loved one has complex health issues or is recovering from injury or surgery, your AgeWise Advocate can see them – and you – through the health care process. We can attend doctor appointments with your loved one, bring current medication lists and medical histories, records the doctor’s instructions and picks up prescriptions and we will also keep the care team  informed of progress and changes.

Making the Process Easier

AgeWise care management can make the process easier for everyone by providing the following services:

  • Attending doctor’s appointments with your loved one so that symptoms are reported accurately, and writing down the doctor’s conclusions and recommendations.

  • Recording your loved one’s medication list and medical history, keeping it updated, and ensuring that various specialists are aware of all aspects of their care.

  • Being present with and advocating for your loved one during routine procedures and in the event of a health care emergency.

  • Helping to carry out health care instructions, including ensuring that prescriptions are filled and taken.

  • Obtaining assistive devices like walkers, hearing aids, emergency alert devices, and ensuring they are utilized and remain in good repair.

  • Arranging transitions to rehabilitation facilities, home health care, or a new residence.

Keeping you Informed

Even if you live far away from your loved one, you can be well informed of your loved one’s care. 


Being a caregiver has many costs, especially if your loved one has complicated health needs: paying for expensive last-minute transportation, missing work or even losing a job, sacrificing family time or personal interests. Read more about the hidden costs of caregiving.

AgeWise only charges you for services you choose, and can save you the costs of unnecessary sacrifices.

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