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Financial Management & Medical Billing Reconciliation

Are bills going unpaid, or paid multiple times? Is mail stacking up? Are tax returns late or incomplete? Are insurance benefits going underutilized? Is your loved one vulnerable to fraud?

AgeWise Daily Money Managers will work with you to design processes that will keep paperwork organized, ensure vital tasks are performed accurately and on time, and the chances of fraud are minimized – while utilizing your loved one’s strengths and maximizing their independence. 

Services for Bill Paying and Daily Money Management

  • Bill paying

  • Managing mail and correspondence

  • Organizing tax documents

  • Filing insurance claims

  • Setting up safe and appropriate banking arrangements

  • Assistance with budgeting

  • Filing and organization

  • Using best practices to help prevent fraud

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AgeWise currently serves the community members  of Benton and Franklin Counties, WA.