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Long Distance Caregiving Support

AgeWise supports long distance caregivers by doing locally all the things you can’t do from afar. You no longer have to jump in the car or on a plane when your loved one needs something. Your visits can be planned and pleasant, and your spouse, kids, and employer will know they can count on you.

We serve clients in their own homes and in every level of care in senior living communities. Your loved one knows and trusts us, and we keep you directly informed.

Examples of services we provide are as follows, but we customize our services to your preferences:


  • Watch for signs of decline during in-person visits

  • Accompany your loved one to doctor’s appointments, and make sure the doctor is informed of new health care concerns

  • Be present during emergencies, and manage transitions from the hospital/rehab center to home

  • Manage the care of one spouse if the other is hospitalized

  • Obtain and maintain assistive devices: walkers, hearing aids, emergency alert systems, etc.

  • Run errands including filling prescriptions

  • Help with mail, bill paying, paperwork, and gathering documents for tax returns

  • Supervise home care agencies, and change aides or agencies when necessary

  • Arrange home maintenance and repair

  • Arrange transportation and social activities

  • Finding the best local specialists: legal, financial, therapeutic



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AgeWise currently serves the community members  of Benton and Franklin Counties, WA.