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Compassionate Care Services

Helping You Finding Peace of Mind

Many caregivers struggle between honoring their aging parents’ desire for independence and worrying that they don’t have the care they need. AgeWise can help by providing assistance that empowers your loved one while delivering necessary services. Your loved one’s AgeWise Care Advisor is their confidant and advocate, we take the time to learn their preferences and abilities, and we create an individualized plan of care with their wishes at the heart of our care services.  

Healthcare Navigation & Patient Advocacy

If your loved one has routine or complex health needs or is recovering from injury, surgery or rehabilitation your AgeWise care advocate can see them – and you – through the health care process. We can assist with discharge and recovery needs, coordinator care, set appointments, monitor the who, what, when and where and attend doctor appointments with your loved one.  We create a medical information file to bring to each appointment with current medication lists, medical histories, records of the doctor’s instructions and answers to our questions and concerns.  We can assist with picking up prescriptions and, with written permission, we will also keep the care team informed of progress and changes.  From personal experience, we know being in pain, on medications and recovering can cause confusion and some times misjudgment.   Let us help you navigate these challenges, so you can focus on getting healthy and feeling good!


Some ways we can help

  • Attending doctor’s appointments with your loved one so that symptoms are reported accurately, and keep a medical information file to writing down the doctor’s conclusions and recommendations.

  • Recording your loved one’s medication list and medical history, keeping it updated, and ensuring that various specialists are aware of all aspects of their care.

  • Being present with and advocating for your loved one during routine procedures and in the event of a health care emergency.

  • Helping to carry out health care instructions, including ensuring that prescriptions are filled and taken.

  • Obtaining assistive devices like walkers, hearing aids, emergency alert devices, and ensuring they are utilized and remain in good repair.

  • Arranging transitions to rehabilitation facilities, home health care, or a new residence.

Home Safety &

Household Management

Is your loved one's home prepared for them to age in place? AgeWise takes a proactive approach to home safety.  Are you like many people waiting to install grab bars until you fall?  DON'T!  Wouldn't you rather skip the painful injury, ED visit, medical costs and install them NOW to stop your fall? Let us help!  AgeWise can prepare your home to 'fit' your aging needs.  


To remain successfully independent at home, it's best to be proactive.This starts with an assessment to find out if your home can support your changing needs, find options, choose an approach, monitor progress and suitability, and make adjustments as necessary.  We can help you de-clutter, organize, move furniture and re-purpose, just let us know your goals.

We oversee and coordinate the process with your loved one so that they are included and aware every step of the way.  We also offer ongoing maintenance and task support to maintain you loved one's home. 

Financial Management & Medical Bill Reconciliation

Are bills going unpaid, or paid multiple times? Is mail stacking up? Are tax returns late or incomplete? Are insurance benefits going underutilized? Is your loved one vulnerable to fraud?

AgeWise Daily Money Managers will work with you to design processes that will keep paperwork organized, ensure vital tasks are performed accurately and on time, and the chances of fraud are minimized – while utilizing your loved one’s strengths and maximizing their independence. 

​Some Examples of services:

  • Bill paying

  • Managing mail and correspondence

  • Organizing tax documents

  • Filing insurance claims

  • Setting up safe and appropriate banking arrangements

  • Assistance with budgeting

  • Filing and organization

  • Using best practices to help prevent fraud

  • Notary Services

Fall Prevention, Health & Wellness

Whether your healthy and active or currently attending physical therapy and looking for improving your balance and stability, let's take a look at your fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. 


We can start with a baseline and set some incentives in place to reach your goals. Would you like a home exercise plan or do you like group fitness? What's that "thing" that’s been holding you back?


AgeWise can help you get out of your rut and start taking action again. From understanding what issues might be keeping you from wanting to move your body to helping you feel strong, we will you discern your goals and what has been keeping you from them so far, while working on an organized plan to keep you moving, stable and active.

Long Distance Caregiving Support

AgeWise supports long distance caregivers by doing locally all the things you can’t do from afar. You no longer have to jump in the car or on a plane when your loved one needs something. Your visits can be planned and pleasant, and your spouse, kids, and employer will know they can count on you.

We serve clients in their own homes and in every level of care in senior living communities. Your loved one knows and trusts us, and we keep you directly informed.


Examples of services we provide are as follows, but we customize our services to your preferences:


  • Watch for signs of decline during in-person visits

  • Accompany your loved one to doctor’s appointments, and make sure the doctor is informed of new health care concerns

  • Be present during emergencies, and manage transitions from the hospital/rehab center to home

  • Manage the care of one spouse if the other is hospitalized

  • Obtain and maintain assistive devices: walkers, hearing aids, emergency alert systems, etc.

  • Run errands including filling prescriptions

  • Help with mail, bill paying, paperwork, and gathering documents for tax returns

  • Supervise home care agencies, and change aides or agencies when necessary

  • Arrange home maintenance and repair

  • Arrange transportation and social activities

  • Finding the best local specialists: legal, financial, therapeutic, and other specialists

Expectations & Other Services

If you’re curious about what to expect from AgeWise, whether your working with us in-person, online or both, you’ve come to the right place. We take a holistic approach to navigating your care needs. Our goal is to "reduce confusion, stress and add value" to your life by providing assistance, guidance and finding solutions in decision related to your health needs.  We advocate for you with your healthcare team in complex situations while supporting your ability to make autonomous decisions.  Each individual has a different set of circumstances. Together we will develop a clear scope of services and expectations specific to your needs and your care team. If you have a need that is not mentioned above, not to worry, we invite you to email us and let us see how we can help.  



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AgeWise currently serves the community members  of Benton and Franklin Counties, WA.