Costs and Affordability

AgeWise is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves the Tri-Cities, Washington area.  Our mission is a holistic approach to aging in place and fall prevention. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of aging adults, family members, and caregivers by reducing the daily stressors through navigating healthcare, safety and patient advocacy.  


We do our best to provide transparency, meet our community members' needs while staying well below the industry standard for our pricing structure. We do this through the use of donations and discounted services from local vendors.  Every patient’s needs are different and have varying levels of complexity, however, we can give you a general cost structure.

  • Initial Phone Consultation                                                                                        No Charge

  • Medical, Insurance, and Plan Review                                                                     $41.25/hour

  • Family Mediation & Consultant                                                                                $62.40/hour

  • Consultations                                                                                                           $38.20/hour

  • Doctor and Hospital Visits                                                                                       $58.70/(2 hours)

  • Notary Services (we come to you and notarize paperwork for a flat rate               $25.00/ (30 minutes)

  • HomeRX                                                                                                                  $44.10/hour


All other services are billed at $38.20/hour as needed.  We do not charge for referrals to other professionals nor do we accept any referral fees or remuneration from any source in order to insure that our advice and referrals are based solely on that professional’s credentials, experience and suitability for your needs.

Who Requests Our Services?​
  • Aging adults 

  • Seniors

  • Caregivers

  • Veterans and their families 

  • Cancer Patients

  • Children of Aging Parents 

  • Emergency Services

  • Medical Providers

  • Busy individuals

  • Professionals & Businesses

  • Churches & Non-Profit Organizations

  • Patients recovering from falls or injuries

  • Recent surgery or physically limiting state

  • Single Parent Households and Surviving Spouses

  • Builders, Realtors, and other Home-sellers




Need a thoughtful gift?

Our HomeRX Program makes a great gift for that busy adult child who is well-intended but never seems to be able to find the time to keep up with mom and dad's home ‘to-do' list. 




What if I can’t afford an advocate?

We do our best to make our services affordable to meet your advocacy needs. We have a sliding fee scale based on your financial situation.  In some cases we can accept payment based on a contingency fee. We will cover that with you in your initial consultation.

Before we begin, we offer a free Needs Assessment so we can understand your needs and goals.  AgeWise offers you added value, stress relief, support, resources and solutions. AgeWise is a extension of support for you, your family and your care team!

We are on this journey with you, your family and caregivers. 

You matter!  

Let us do our best to give you the resources and support you need so that you can enjoy each and every day to the fullest!



Do you share our passion for reducing fall injuries for our aging community?  If so, please considering donating. 


Together we can make a difference. To donate now, click                   . 

AgeWise currently serves the community members  of Benton and Franklin Counties, WA.